REPOST: Top 5 Ways to Stay Organized While Traveling

Keeping your belongings organized during a vacation can be quite difficult. This article from Travelers Today shares five tips on staying organized when traveling.

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Traveling can be a headache sometimes. But, it can be even worse when you are digging through your bag and trying to find one slip of paper that you need. Staying organized is extremely important while traveling and here are five ways that can help you.

1. Use your smartphone

Gone are the days where you have to print out every bus booking or hotel reservation. Use your smartphone to your advantage and try to eliminate as much paper as possible. It will not only help you stay organized but will help you be more green. Try using the iPhone’s passport feature or saving all your travel reservations to a specific file in your email. Keeping your phone organized will help you travel more efficiently.

2. Pack your bag the same way, every time

It seems dumb, but packing your bag the same way every time will help you find your things easier. Whether you are packing your suitcase or stuffing a backpack, having a plan can help you remember where your items are. It also will help you to not forget anything when you travel. If you want some advice, try packing things you hardly use on your travel at the bottom of the bag, and things you will use right away near the top.

3. Buy an organizer for your toiletries

There is nothing worse than tearing your bag apart for your small floss container. Although it may seem like a waste of space, having an organizer for your toiletries is really helpful. Not only does it keep everything together, but it also contains spills if anything opens. If you are not finding a bag you like, try thinking out of the box. For example, try looking at jewelry folios because they tend to have more pockets.

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4. Keep your electric cords neat

If you are traveling with a smartphone, tablet, e-reader, computer, or any combination of electronics, you are bound to have an endless amount of cords to carry. Instead of just shoving them in your bag, try to keep them secured and neat. Tie the cords together with ribbon or buy one of these cable managementsystems. Whatever you choose, make sure you keep your cords untangled to lessen stress.

5. Pack less

A simple idea, but not exactly that simple to execute. Overpacking can create unnecessary headaches and stress for travelers. Try to simplify the packing process by getting rid of the things that you “might need.” Yes, things may happen on your journey, but there is always a pharmacy or grocery store somewhere near by. Do not worry about what might happen on your journey. Take only the things you know you will use everyday.

Also, do not forget these tips as the holidays approach. These techniques may help alleviate some holiday travel stress.

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